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Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research www.altosresearch.com

Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research www.altosresearch.com

Minor’s Hill

Minor’s Hill is the name for a few different things found in Arlington 22213. Almost everything in Arlington has some historical significance, as so you can expect that this area does also. There is also a very nice park right here on Powhatan Street.

This is what some of the streets right on Powhatan Street in Minor’s Hill look like:

You see big, wide open streets with very little traffic. Like many Arlington Virginia neighborhoods, smallish ramblers are mixed with new construction, because the value is very much in the land. This section of Arlington is very residential, with relatively little business located within walking distance. McLean Virginia is just up and over the hill.

Minor Hill is also a legal designation for a neighborhood in Arlington that cuts across the two zip codes of 22213 and 22207. Across those two zips, the real estate activity has been solid over the past 6 months: 7 homes have sold, 3 are under contract, and only one is currently active on the market. The average price for these homes has been just over $1 million. This average indicates that there is new construction or beautifully renovated homes such as those found here.

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This part of Arlington County is farthest west in the county, with very quick and easy access to I-66, and an easy stroll or bikeride from most homes to the nearby East Falls Church metro station.  It’s a relatively small portion of the county, and as such is very residential in feel. There are some terrific housing buys to be found here.

The largest neighborhood in this zip code — by far — is Berkshire Oakwood, with over 1700 homes in the neighborhood. Lots of new development to be found here, alongside many of the original homes.

For instance, new construction homes such as this can be found:

But also many of the original homes, built in the 1940’s, can be found:

The other big neighborhood here is called Minor Hill, with about 300 homes in the neighborhood.

Condos are also available. Falls Stations townhomes and apartments at the Westlee are also here, found on the other side of 66, as you cross over the highway to go into Falls Church. From this side of I-66, you can easily get to the center of Falls Church City, where you’ll find some pretty terrific restaurants and the State Theatre, an icon.

The Westlee Condos

Falls Station Townhomes